Combo Natural Flow & Natural Warm

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    100% natural source of organic arnica and essential oils. Non doping.

    Natural’Flow and Natural'Warm, developed by Natural’Innov, is a 100% natural source of organic arnica and essential oils aimed at optimizing the recovery of joints and tendons, in the form of a pump gel.

    Natural’Flow, recommended particularly for :

    After exercise to promote recovery
    To tighten the tissues thanks to its cooling effect
    To limit the risk of swelling
    In case of tendon and/or joint injuries

    Natural Warm, recommended particularly for :

    Before (or after) exercise to reduce the risk of muscle tension (cramps, contractures, aches) and joint damage (tendinitis)

    in the event of a blow or swelling

    Leaves no trace, can be used daily and is formulated with organic ingredients!


    Special offer for the 2 products

    Format : 2x 250ml