Natural Warm

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    100% natural source of organic arnica and essential oils. Non doping. Relaxing effect.

    Natural'Warm, developed by Natural'Innov, is a 100% natural source of arnica and essential oils aimed at limiting the risk of injury, in the form of a pump gel.

    Natural'Warm is an innovative, complete and unique formula derived from organic ingredients and without preservatives.

    This care product for ponies and horses is particularly recommended:

    • Before (or after) exercise to reduce the risk of muscle tension (cramps, contractures, body aches) and joint damage (tendinitis);
    • In the event of a blow or bump

    Leaves no trace, can be used daily and is formulated with organic ingredients!

    Organic St. John's Wort essential oil => Base with softening and soothing properties, makes the coat shiny and soft after application;

    Organic Arnica Oil => helps reduce pain, anti-inflammatory and anti-bruising;

    Organic Wintergreen essential oil => Numerous benefits against inflammatory joint pathologies such as osteoarthritis, rheumatism, back and muscle pain and tendonitis;

    Organic Katafray essential oil => Slightly warming action contributing to joint comfort;

    Organic Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil => Powerful anti-inflammatory to regulate inflammatory reactions in the joints (osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendonitis, synovitis) and muscles (aches, contractures).

    More info in the video in the link (in French).

    Size: 250 ml 

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