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For the Horse

For your horse's equipment, whether for dressage, jumping, cross country, leisure, transport or outdoor life, Horsify offers some must-haves and useful items.
In this section, we focus on the equipment that goes on the horse's back, legs and head:  
boots, over reach boots, rugs, sheets, bandages for work-transport-care-rest, fly masks, UV filters, halters, lanyards, ropes, lunges, saddle pads, back protectors, covers and guards, and various accessories.
Some of our brands in this selection include: LeMieux, Transhorse Sport, Pfiff,  Acavallo, Whitacker, Mark Todd, Catago, FIR-Tech.
Endurance Rug
136.00 € 136.00 € 136.0 EUR
Ripstop 600 Denier. Breathability 3.000 mvp. Water pressure: 3.000 mm
ProLambskin Half Pad by LeMieux
137.95 € 137.95 € 137.95000000000002 EUR
High quality merino lambswool. Spine relief at the wither.
Armour Tek Fly Rug LeMieux
139.50 € 139.50 € 139.5 EUR
A super lightweight fly sheet ideal for protection in warm weather.
Merino Jumping CC Square Half Lined
150.00 € 150.00 € 150.0 EUR
100% natural Australian Merino lambskin.
FIR-Tech Stable boots
155.00 € 155.00 € 155.0 EUR
Multi purpose stable and travel boots with the therapeutic bonus of soft liners with ceramic particles.
FIR Tech PRO Tendon Boot Inlay
165.00 € 165.00 € 165.0 EUR
Insert that can be easily mounted in stable boots. Provides constant long-wave infrared heat.
Stimulates and promotes self-healing process

FIR-Tech Healing Walker rug
189.50 € 189.50 € 189.5 EUR
Therapeutic range with ceramic particules
Merino+ Full Monty Numnah LeMieux Black
137.50 € 250.00 € 137.5 EUR
Fully lined with a rolled edge in 100% natural merino wool
FIR Tech PRO Heated Rug
250.00 € 250.00 € 250.0 EUR
To use before or after exercise. Provides constant long-wave infrared heat.
Stimulates and promotes self-healing process