Care products

Your horses health and well being is a priority if you have landed on this page.
Maybe your veterinarian has made some suggestions,  maybe you are looking for a new care product or simply a healthy treat. 
In this section, you will find an array of products for coat and mane care, as well as insect and fly repellants, and shampoos.
We provide a wide range of general health products that comply to anti-doping requirements: vitamins and food supplements for problems relating among other to  recovery, muscle building, joints, behavior, digestion, ulcers and general vitamin needs.
A very comprehensive offer of hoof ointments and oils are available. 
Add to this some basic first aid products that are a must-have in your yard and some healthy treats that contain as little sugar and starch as possible.
Some of our brands in this section include: Julian&Jones, Ungula Naturalis, NAF, Frenzy, Gumbits, Bit Butter, Insect Free.

Arti Flex 4,5KG
395.00 € 395.00 € 395.0 EUR
Artiflex was developed to give confort to joints thanks to its contents of chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, manganese, asthaxanthine and DHA.
Show Prep
129.00 € 129.00 € 129.0 EUR
Helps to increase muscle mass and improves athletic performance by creating additional muscle cells and to prevent muscle damage after intensive exercise.
Golden Oil mix
123.00 € 123.00 € 123.0 EUR
Contains everything that a high level sport horse may need: it has a wide spectrum of effects on recovery, vitality, immunity, muscles and joints.
Vita force 2.1KG
121.00 € 121.00 € 121.0 EUR
Food supplement containing MSM, yeasts, minerals, trace éléments, fatty acids and amino acids, to improve the overall condition, body balance and vitality.
Arti Flex - joints
115.00 € 115.00 € 115.0 EUR
Artiflex was developed to give confort to joints thanks to its contents of chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, manganese, asthaxanthine and DHA.
Stomach Shield
99.00 € 99.00 € 99.0 EUR
STOMACH SHIELD helps protect the stomach lining and contains different active ingredients to keep the gastric pH neutral.
Vita E Selenium
93.00 € 93.00 € 93.0 EUR
Contains vitamin E, selenium and lysine. Its key vitamins, trace elements and amino-acids support the overall muscular development of the horse.
Hooves and Hair
73.00 € 73.00 € 73.0 EUR
Complete and full support for the quality of the hoof wall and coat.
NAF NaturalintX Poultices
80.01 € 80.01 € 80.01 EUR
Highly absorbent poultices for wounds, abcess', etc.
60.00 € 60.00 € 60.0 EUR
Very well-suited for horses which could use some extra help with musculoskeletal recovery and flexibility when they have overloaded themselves during top performances.
Relax & Easy
60.00 € 60.00 € 60.0 EUR
Helps to support nervous and "spooky" horses in stressful situations.
Mood Control
60.00 € 60.00 € 60.0 EUR
Extraordinary supplement to reduce hormonal-based reactions of emotional, aggressive, anxious and hot horses.
Immuno Boost
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
To build up and maintain adequate immunity in a 100% natural way.
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
Detox cure to support liver and kidneys.
Digest Boost
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
Solution to optimize digestion, to improve gut health and restore gut flora.
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
Improves high speed athletic work, helps in case of shortness of breath, supports bronchial system, soothes coughing.

No Itch Balm
48.50 € 48.50 € 48.5 EUR
Acts in case of skin irritations caused by insect bites and itching. Suitable in case of sweet itch.
Linseed Safety Oil
39.00 € 39.00 € 39.0 EUR
For increase energy, better transit and shiny coat.
Green Clay
39.00 € 39.00 € 39.0 EUR
Green cooling clay from Julian&Jones for legs, joints and tendons.
Alpine No Itch Shampoo
38.95 € 38.95 € 38.95 EUR
- SHAMPOO for DRY, ITCHY and IRRITATED skin and coat - by Julian&Jones