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Care products

Your horses health and well being is a priority if you have landed on this page.
Maybe your veterinarian has made some suggestions,  maybe you are looking for a new care product or simply a healthy treat. 
In this section, you will find an array of products for coat and mane care, as well as insect and fly repellants, and shampoos.
We provide a wide range of general health products that comply to anti-doping requirements: vitamins and food supplements for problems relating among other to  recovery, muscle building, joints, behavior, digestion, ulcers and general vitamin needs.
A very comprehensive offer of hoof ointments and oils are available. 
Add to this some basic first aid products that are a must-have in your yard and some healthy treats that contain as little sugar and starch as possible.
Some of our brands in this section include: Julian&Jones, Ungula Naturalis, NAF, Frenzy, Gumbits, Bit Butter, Insect Free.

Combo Natural Flow & Natural Warm
51.00 € 51.00 € 51.0 EUR
100% natural source of organic arnica and essential oils. Non doping.
Natural Moov Joints
86.00 € 86.00 € 86.0 EUR
For flexible and comfortable joints, of natural origin. Non doping.
Ungula SOS Sweet Itch
29.00 € 29.00 € 29.0 EUR
For treatment of sweet Itch. Helps to speed the skin restoration process. Immediate soothing effect.
Ungula SOS Itchiness
29.00 € 29.00 € 29.0 EUR
Relieves and soothes itching issues linked to insect bites, skin allergies, skin infections.
Natural Fly Insects
25.95 € 25.95 € 25.95 EUR
Repulsive and neutralises horse smell.
Natural Wash Shampoo
19.90 € 19.90 € 19.900000000000002 EUR
Natural care
Treats Natural Crackers
13.00 € 13.00 € 13.0 EUR
Tasty treats certified organic for horses and ponies
Natural Balm
56.00 € 56.00 € 56.0 EUR
Natural source of aloe vera, organic honey and organic essential oils aimed at promoting skin repair
Natural Top Spirulina
43.00 € 43.00 € 43.0 EUR
To improve the vitality/recovery and support the muscle function of the horse