Ungula duo pack

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    2 products for 2 different requirements : hoof care and fork care.

    Because the requirements for the hoof are not the same as the fork, Ungula Naturalis has developed a 100% vegetable extract and 100% natural solution comprised of a liquid ointment for the hooves and a liquid ointment for the frogs :
    - The liquid hoof ointment quickly penetrates the hoof.It feeds the hoof in depth. It softens, moisturizes and strengthens the horn. Its regular application will prevent the hoof drying and cracking.
    - The liquid frog ointment rapidly penetrates the fork. It sanitises the frog. It leaves a protective film that will give a nice shiny effect whilst allow the frog to air. The normal application frequency is 3 to 4 times per week.

    Packaging: Comes in 2 x 400 ml pots with screw top brush.

    Composition: Essential oils, vegetable oil, vitamines, plant extracts.

    Horsify's opinion:
    You will find all the products in the Ungula Naturalis range with Horsify. This product will suit you if you prefer an oil rather than a ointment, especially if your horse is stabled on wood shavings.