Self Cool CC Saddle Pad LeMieux

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Jumping square. For use in hot conditions or horses that sweat a lot

The LeMieux Self-Cooling Saddle Pads are made with the innovative FeelCool Ice material which has a cooling crystal kneaded into the weave. This is activated by moisture; the greater the moisture the greater the cooling effect! The crystals have incredible heat pick-up & transfer properties gradually absorbing and wicking sweat from the horse. Under extreme conditions, once dissipated a reverse rapid cooling effect is produced.

The carbon mesh spine insert reduces any pressure over the wither & back and allows heat to rise and escape through the top of the pad.

The inner lining is the same self-cooling fabric as the top side which is soft, friction free and ensures the whole pad breathes and wicks at the same level.

Size L

Colours: Navy, Grey, Light blue, Spearmint, White