Camper Horse Pilot

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    Isothermal thermos, efficient and ecological alternative to plastic and single-use products.

    Isothermal thermos to keep your favourite drinks hot or cold.

    Being a rider means skipping meals as one jumps over fences, watering the arena and forgetting to hydrate oneself. Such a rhythm requires that the short breaks you take be worthy of a pit-stop in Formula 1... The Camper Horse Pilot Thermos is the result of this impetuosity that characterizes our sport so well. To sit down for a coffee after two intensive sessions al fresco, enjoy the coffee poured early in the morning at the same temperature, and take a cool break in hot weather while sipping a smoothie.
    No more dusty plastic bottles and cups in the club house that blend into the landscape of the stables. The Camper Horse Pilot is the clever, efficient and ecological solution.

    Capacity : 50 cl / 16 oz
    Stainless steel Resistant to high and cryogenic temperatures
    Resistant to temperature variations
    Easy to clean
    Does not alter the taste of the drink
    Free of Bisphenol A (Endocrine disruptor, carcinogenic and toxic): everything we don't need in our bodies and stables!