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Authentic Merino Wool. Slim fit, suitable under breeches.

Merino collection by Catago Equestrian. Sizes: S to XL. Colour: Black

Merino wool is a natural fiber harvested from Merino sheep. It is an exceptional base layer because of its many desirable qualities

WARMTH: Like most wool fabrics, merino wool is extremely warm. The individual fibers are slightly folded, creating air pockets that trap warm air.

BREATHABILITY: Merino wool fibers are among the most breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics available. The fabrics feel cool and dry against your skin even when you are sweating.

ODOR RESISTANCE: Merino wool is naturally resistant to odor-causing bacteria thanks to its ability to manage moisture. Without moisture, odor-causing bacteria cannot multiply.

DURABILITY: Merino wool is naturally creased, giving it some elasticity that allows it to bend and stretch instead of tearing when under stress. Each fiber also is made with keratin, the same tough fibrous protein molecules that make up our hair, nails, and outer layer of skin.

COMFORT: Merino wool is known for its soft fibers that don't itch and feel great against your skin. You don't get the scratchy, itchy feeling you experience from the large fibers of regular wool.

QUICK DRY: Merino wool's thin fibers allow each garment to be finely spun and woven into a lightweight fabric that dries as quickly as most synthetic fabrics of equal weight.

Sustainable development commitments

                                                        The garments comply with the Native Precious Fiber label.

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Nativa Precious Fiber is a label that guarantees the quality and traceability of wool fibers across the whole value chain, from the farm, where sheep are raised and sheared, to the garments manufactured.

    Nativa Precious Fiber is committed to providing authentic and exceptional quality fibers to all stakeholders in the value chain and is based on 4 pillars

  1. Respect for animal welfare and proper ecological management of the land on which herds are raised
  2. Social and environmental responsibility on the part of all stakeholders across the value chain.
  3. Traceability and transparency.
  4. Compliance with the ten principles governed by adherence to the United Nations Global, aimed at building more stable and inclusive societies

                                                Synonymous with Luxury and eco-responsibility, Nativa Precious Fiber’s wool is an exceptional product.