Merino+ Full Monty Numnah LeMieux Black

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    Fully lined with a rolled edge in 100% natural merino wool

    These mats are thicker (22mm) under the seat and lighter in the lower panels (18mm). The flexible rear expands and contracts as the horse moves. The dynamic wool structure, dense and soft, constantly adapts to the back.

    Raised at the withers, thus relieving pressure on the withers.

    Good shape and good stability under the saddle. The reinforced girth protection area has two adjustable Velcro straps for easy fit on the saddle.

    It is well known that nothing is better for a horse's back than natural wool: it promotes blood circulation, is completely breathable and helps maintain an optimal temperature in summer and winter. It regulates humidity, controls the proliferation of bacteria and prevents scars and sores. 

     Size: Full

    Suitable for a mixte saddle

    Colour Black