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Candy to stop grinding.

These amazing little balls are 'candy for a horse's mouth'.
When the mouth is agitated and tense grinding often occurs which can be a very hard habit to break. Grinding can even occur when horses are on a perfectly good contact, engaged and working in a correct shape.
GumBits prevent as well as stops grinding and associated problems with the mouth.
Give a small handful, the equivalent of two teaspoons full, each time required, before tacking up. They will last about 45 minutes or more, long enough to get through a schooling session or a warm-up and test.
Gumbits once chewed form a gel like film over the teeth that prevents abrasion of the teeth.

◦ activates salivation
◦ encourages submission
◦ eliminates teeth grinding
◦ promotes chewing activity

Ingredients : Confectioners sugar, 100 % pure beeswax.
Packaging : 85 gr (small) or 345 gr (large)