CloseShave Razor

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    To trim whiskers, face, ears, bridle paths, etc.

    An ideal and quick way to trim whiskers, face, ears, bridle paths, etc especially good for difficult horses - no risk of cutting them and reduces use of trimmer for head area.

    The CloseShaves are non-clogging stainless steel razor protected by a comb.

    CloseShaves are great at shows or on the yard and can be reused many times.

    A "must have" handy gadget for last minute touch-ups.

    Tip: do not throw them away when blunt. They can be used again in the summer to remove fly eggs.

    Horsify’s opinion:

    In many countries, it is forbidden to shave the horses whisker’s (long hairs resembling eyelashes know as vibrissae, which are actually tactile sensory organs located around the eyes, nose and mouth) Avoid unnecessary discomfort to your horse!