FIR-Tech Horse Socks

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    Fetlock compression socks with therapeutic effect

    The CATAGO FIR-Tech fetlock socks are compression socks for your horse with FIR-Tech effect. The fetlock socks have woven ceramic particles that reflect the horse's own body heat as infrared radiation. This increases blood circulation, tendons and joints are kept supple and recovery periods can be reduced. With their compression effect socks are very suitable for horses, which tend to get swollen legs e.g. during transportation or in the box at night. The socks can be used separately or together with stable boots or bandages. Fetlock socks should be removed after long periods of transportation or overnight in horse box.

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    WHAT IS FIR-TECH ? therapeutic range with ceramic particules. FIR-Tech is short for Far Infrared Rays All Catago FIR-Tech healing products are lined with a multifunctional FIR and polyester fabric. In the production process of the FIR-Tech fabric, a special ceramic powder is added to the melting polyester. When the fine polyester fibers are made, the ceramic powder and the polyester are fused together. The ceramic in the polyester fibers gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat as far infrared energy radiation. The Catago FIR-Tech fabric contains 70% ceramic powder and can release Far Infra energy radiation of approximately 9 micron wave.  

    HOW DOES FIR-TECH WORK? The body constantly releases energy and heat. When wearing the FIR-Tech fabric close to the skin the ceramic particles in the fabric work as absorbers of this heat and emit Far Infrared energy radiation back to the body. The Far Infrared wavelength cannot be perceived by the human eye. However, the body experiences its energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate 4-7 cm beneath the skin. The FIR-Tech energy is easily absorbed by water in the body tissue creating vibration and fraction among the bonds forming the molecules. As a result, the vessels begin to expand and the blood circulation increases. 

    WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF FIR-TECH? Upon entering the body FIR-Tech energy causes a warming effect by activating molecules and body cells. FIR-Tech energy activates the cells, increases blood circulation and promotes cellular functioning. As a result you and your horse will experience many benefits from using FIR-Tech therapy products : 
    Increased wellness and recovery 
    Increase oxygen in the blood 
    Relieving tense muscles and help to prevent injuries Increased blood circulation 
    Tendon and joint functions are improved 
    Reduces tension, aches and inflammation
    Activate cells 

    FIR-Tech fabric is produced by recycled material and the fabric production is ISO 14001 certified.
    It goes without saying any horse affected by symptoms for an extended period should be seen by a veterinarian.