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For the tack room

Having a horse means having a lot of associated kit and equipment too.

It's important to keep at hand everything that you may need to groom your horse and clean your leather products.

It's worth investing too in useful items such as punch pliers, hooks and bags, saddle racks, plaiting tools whilst not neglecting hoof care accessories. 

For traveling, there are handy solutions for example carrying water, hay, your horse's official documents, storing his and your equipment.

To keep younger in a safe and organized fashion, storage boxes can be convenient.

We are confident you will find something handy and practical in this section for your tack room.

Some of our brands in this section include: LeMieux, Transhorse Sport, Pfiff, Elico, Gloria Brushes, TopZop, NAF, Equi Ping Safety Release

Natural grooming block
3.99 € 3.99 € 3.99 EUR
Pumice stone for bot eggs and dirt
Leather care round sponge
4.95 € 4.95 € 4.95 EUR
Very dense
Leather balm Ungula
15.00 € 15.00 € 15.0 EUR
Balm to maintain and restore leather
Hybrid anti-static mitten Catago
16.50 € 16.50 € 16.5 EUR
Highly anti-static effect
Mane Thread
8.95 € 8.95 € 8.950000000000001 EUR
Pro Reel. 250m
Flexi Soft Body brush LeMieux
14.90 € 14.90 € 14.9 EUR
Ergonomic - efficient brushing
Wash bag LeMieux
13.00 € 13.00 € 13.0 EUR
Keep your washing machine clean
Solid soap Horka
6.50 € 6.50 € 6.5 EUR
A much favoured, traditional saddle soap to soften and condition leather.
Cactus Wash Balls HorseGuard
7.50 € 7.50 € 7.5 EUR
Collects hair, fur and loose fibres in the washing machine.
Tail guard LeMieux
46.95 € 46.95 € 46.95 EUR
Can be used with or without the waterproof bag
Hook and Loop Strap
15.95 € 15.95 € 15.950000000000001 EUR
Multipurpose strap, endless possibilities in the stables or on the go