Care products

Your horses health and well being is a priority if you have landed on this page.
Maybe your veterinarian has made some suggestions,  maybe you are looking for a new care product or simply a healthy treat. 
In this section, you will find an array of products for coat and mane care, as well as insect and fly repellants, and shampoos.
We provide a wide range of general health products that comply to anti-doping requirements: vitamins and food supplements for problems relating among other to  recovery, muscle building, joints, behavior, digestion, ulcers and general vitamin needs.
A very comprehensive offer of hoof ointments and oils are available. 
Add to this some basic first aid products that are a must-have in your yard and some healthy treats that contain as little sugar and starch as possible.
Some of our brands in this section include: Julian&Jones, Ungula Naturalis, NAF, Frenzy, Gumbits, Bit Butter, Insect Free.

Cohesive bandage
2.50 € 2.50 € 2.5 EUR
Cohesive bandage that can be used under boots.
Himalaya salt lick
4.51 € 4.51 € 4.51 EUR
Rich in minerals and trace elements that bring vitality and well being to your horse.

Insect Free Roll on
9.00 € 9.00 € 9.0 EUR
Ideal for horses head when spooked by spray.
Animalintex poultice
9.60 € 9.60 € 9.6 EUR
The all purpose veterinary dressing
Naturally Lovely Treats
9.25 € 9.25 € 9.25 EUR
Contains maize, red beet and whole carrot flakes.
Animalintex poultice hoof shaped
11.50 € 11.50 € 11.5 EUR
The all purpose veterinary dressing hoof shaped
Care Brush On Detangler Stubben
11.95 € 11.95 € 11.950000000000001 EUR
Detangler for mane and tail with a pleasant smell
Groom Away Coat Gloss/Mud Repel Spray
12.10 € 12.10 € 12.1 EUR
Instant shine and condition.
Insect Free Spray
12.95 € 12.95 € 12.950000000000001 EUR
Insect repellent, extremely efficient, rapid and prolonged action. For horse and rider.
Superhorse BOOSTER comfort
12.00 € 12.00 € 12.0 EUR
For horses that could do with some more energy, while remaining fully controllable.
Bit Butter - equine lip balm
14.50 € 14.50 € 14.5 EUR
Bit Butter moisturises & heals the mouth. Restores feeling & comfort
Ungula Sport + ointment
15.50 € 15.50 € 15.5 EUR
Very rich ointment suitable poor or fragile foot structure, bad growth, work on hard ground, intensive use.
Ungula Moisturiser black
15.50 € 15.50 € 15.5 EUR
Moisturising. Primarily for horses on shavings in their box. For dark colored hooves.
Ungula Moisturiser blond
15.50 € 15.50 € 15.5 EUR
Moisturising effect. Primarily for horses on shavings in their box. For light colored hooves.
Ungula classic black ointment
15.50 € 15.50 € 15.5 EUR
Feeds, softens, strengthens and cleanses the horn and the fork. For dark colored hooves.
Ungula classic brown ointment
15.50 € 15.50 € 15.5 EUR
Feeds, softens, strengthens and cleanses the horn and the fork. For light colored hooves.

Arnica Gel NAF NaturalintX
15.55 € 15.55 € 15.55 EUR
Natural gel used to relieve blows, bruises, bumps and aches.
Linseed Oil
13.90 € 13.90 € 13.9 EUR
First Cold Pressed. Traditionally produced. 100% natural
Alpine Herbal Bricks
13.95 € 13.95 € 13.950000000000001 EUR
Contains Alfalfa, linseed, origano, thyme et fenugreek.
Ungula Hoof Care Oil
17.00 € 17.00 € 17.0 EUR
Hoof care oil