Carbonite Over Reach Boots by LeMieux

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Strong ballistic outer shell with etched carbon finish.

Strong ballistic outer shell with etched carbon finish mirrors the angle of the pastern and contours the heels. Offers low level protection when in fast work without the risk of tripping. Soft lining collar prevents friction, with an inner no-turn knob to minimise rotation. Unique elasticated fillet closure allows boot to be tensioned around foot. Fits more closely to prevent movement. Double-lock velcro ensures security

Sizes available S, M, L, XL. Sold by pair. See photos for size guide.

Horsify's opinion :
Wondering why they are different to the Ballistic Over Reach boots ? Both are super quality products as they are robust, easy to clean and lightweight which make them an ideal product for jumping and eventing. Here are the main features that are different Carbon finish instead of Kevlar on the Ballistic Elasticated closure for Carbonite instead of regular velcro on the Ballistic Carbonite slighly shorter than the Ballistic.