Ungula SOS Itchiness

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    Relieves and soothes itching issues linked to insect bites, skin allergies, skin infections.

    100% natural and handcrafted product by Ungula Naturalis.

    SOS Itchiness immediately relieves and soothes horses struggling with itching issues linked to insect bites, skin allergies, skin infections. SOS Itchiness contributes to the natural regeneration of the epidermal cells. Thanks to its power to restructure and regenerate the skin, SOS Itchiness can be used for all skin disorders.

    SOS Itchiness is a topical ointment for horses. By combining the benefits of precious vegetable oils, the power and effectiveness of essential oils, as well as mother-of-pearl and aloe vera, the ointment has a soothing, deodorising, antiseptic, moisturising and nourishing action. It softens the skin and helps the coat regrow. It can also be used for mild burns, sunburns and to prevent sweet itch.

    Instructions for use: 

    Use a vinyl glove and apply to the areas to be treated. Renew once a day.  Repeat less frequently when condition has improved.

    For prevention, apply once every two days to the areas that are usually affected (the base of the tail, neckline and mane, stomach or even head and ears)

    To fight against early stages of sweet itch, apply two to three times a day to affected areas. Repeat less frequently when condition has improved.


    Aloe Vera

    Mother of pearl

    Peru Balm

    Calendula officinalis extract


    Marine extract

    Seven pure and untreated essential oils (more than 7%)



    Five vegetable oils (of which 3 precious oils accounting for more than 20%)


    Plant extracts


    SOS Itchiness won’t leave a stain

    SOS Itchiness helps the coat grow back in the same colour

    Close the pot after use

    As with all skin products, before using it, apply a very small amount to check that your horse is not allergic to the ointment. This product is very concentrated and powerful which makes it so effective.

    In case sweet itch develops after using SOS Itchiness, change products and switch to SOS Sweet Itch which is especially designed to fight against it.

    Packaging 280ml