Ungula SOS Sweet Itch

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    For treatment of sweet Itch. Helps to speed the skin restoration process. Immediate soothing effect.

    100% natural and handcrafted product by Ungula Naturalis.

    SOS Sweet Itch helps to manage and relieve horses suffering from Sweet Itch condition by contributing to the natural regeneration of the epidermal cells.

    SOS Sweet Itch is a topical ointment for horses. Thanks to its strong smell and protective screen, it has a repellent effect on insects. Its relieving effect is immediate owing to the decreased skin sensitivity it provides. Its concentration in essential oils ensures an antibacterial, fungicidal and antiseptic action. The precious vegetable oils, as well as mother-of-pearl and aloe vera help accelerate skin repair and are highly nourishing and moisturising. SOS Sweet Itch softens the skin and helps the coat regrow.

    Instructions for use: 

    Clean, disinfect and dry affected area. Use a vinyl glove and apply to the areas to be treated. Repeat two or three times a day. Repeat less frequently when condition has improved.

    For prevention, apply once every two days to the areas that are usually affected (the base of the tail, neckline and mane, stomach or even head and ears)


    • Aloé Vera
    • Mother of pearl
    • Peru balm
    • Calendula officinalis extract
    • Allantoin
    • Marine extract
    • Lanolin
    • Vaseline
    • Five vegetable oils (of which more than 13% precious oils)
    • Vitamins
    • Plant extracts


      SOS Sweet Itch will leave a stain.
    • SOS sweet Itch will help the coat grow back in the same color
    • Close the lid after use. .
    • As with all skin products before using it,  apply a very small amount to check if your horse is allergic to the product. This product is highly concentrated and powerful.  
    • do not apply to eyes or genital parts.
    • Treat and relieve your horse by providing a fly mask, anti insect rugs, insect repellent and ventilated pastures away from stagnant water.
    Packaging 280ml