Ungula SOS Crevasses (skin cracks)

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    Helps heal skin cracks, barrier against moisture, drying action

    100% natural and handcrafted product by Ungula Naturalis.
    Helps heal skin cracks, especialy on the hock and on flexion joints.
    Barrier against moisture
    Drying action
    To be used in case of symptoms related to skin cracks

    - Painful and swollen skin
    - Hair loss and presence of crusts
    - Pink to oozing red skin
    - Presence of wounds under crusts

    Suitable for wounds that heal with difficulty in areas of friction (due to equipment) or on a wound located where joint flexion is important/regular (ex: knee bend or hock) in order to prevent the skin from cracking and to allow it to heal deeply.

    Clean and dry the affected area and apply a layer of balm 2 to 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear. Try to maintain a greasy layer on the area to treat. Application before a working session is recommended. Continue to apply less often when the crack is healed, until the coat grows again.It is recommended to wear gloves and change between each application.

    Ingredients: Peruvian balm, calendula officinalis extract, allantoin, aloe vera, mother-of-pearl, essential oils, shea butter, vegetable oils, Vaseline, vitamins, marine extracts, plant extracts
    Packaging 280ml