Ungula Hoof Care Oil

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    Hoof care oil

    Ungula Naturalis has developed a 100% vegetable extract and 100% natural solution comprised of a liquid ointment for the hooves. 

    The liquid hoof ointment quickly penetrates the hoof.It feeds the hoof in depth. It softens, moisturizes and strengthens the horn. Its regular application will prevent the hoof drying and cracking. The normal application frequency is 3 to 4 times per week. 

    Packaging: Comes in 400 ml pots with screw top brush. You can also buy seperatly 1L refill. 

    Composition: Essential oils, vegetable oil, vitamins, plant extracts. 

    Horsify's opinion: 
    You will find all the products in the Ungula Naturalis range with Horsify. This product will suit you if you prefer an oil rather than a ointment, especially if your horse is stabled on wood shavings.