Ungula SOS Hoof

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    Strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitic and fungicide for the hoof.

    Handcraft production 100% natural and 100% vegetable matter.
    Packaging: 125 ml.

    Application: this oil acts as a strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antiparasitic and fungicide. The combination of several essential oils and plant extracts allows for a very broad spectrum of action to fight against diseases of the horn. The oil can be used to treat the outside of the hoof, the frog and sole. SOS hoof is recommended for the treatment of fungi, bacteria or infections caused by nail holes. It contains no acid and therefore does not sting. The treatment is optimized after the intervention of the farrier. For problems with rotten forks, the SOS Fork and Fork Repair Balm, also available to purchase at Horsify, are recommended because unlike SOS Hoof, they are rich in composition and will feed the fork and sanitize.

    Directions for use: Shake thoroughly before use. - Pour generously the oil on the part of the hoof to be treated. - Spread with a brush to help the product penetrate. - Repeat the process untilfull recovery.

    Composition: over 16% pure and crude essential oils (10 different oils), vegetable oils, vitamins, plant extracts.