Ungula frog repair balm

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    Helps repair damaged frogs (rotten, soft and painful gaps).

    Handcraft production, 100% natural.
    Packaging : 280 ml.

    Application : The ointment helps the reconstruction of wounded and damaged frogs. Can also be used on soft soles with same effects.

    Directions for use : Put a vinyl glove on before taking a lump of balm. - Apply into the crack between the claws by compacting it. You can also use a brush to treat the rest of the wounded frog. Renew the operation daily until complete recovery of the frog which must become firm, souple and regain a healthy aspect. Store the balm at a temperature between 15 and 20°C to make its application easier.

    Composition : Two different essential oils. - Shea butter. - Two vegetable oils. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Food grade beef fat. - Vitamins. - Tree bark macerating technique.

    Comments : After two or three days of application, the frog may develop an unpleasant smell which is due to the evacuation of the moisture. You must still continue treatment

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