Ungula Sport + ointment

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    Very rich ointment suitable poor or fragile foot structure, bad growth, work on hard ground, intensive use.

    Handcraft production, 100% natural. Packaging : 480 ml.

    Application : The substance quickly penetrates the hoof. Due to very rich components, it feeds, softens and strengthens the horn and the fork. It slightly cleanses the fork, sole and coronet.  It will generate a rapid growth of the hoof and will help prevent brittle hoofs. With a daily application it can lead to shoeing every four weeks. On the newly grown horn, it will create a new soft, more resistant and flexible corn.

    Directions for use : Apply two to three times a week with a brush on a dry and clean surface on the outside of the hoof, the coronet, the fork and the sole. If treated daily, the hoof will grow rapidly but it will prevent hoof cracking.  

    Composition : Four Essential oils. - Mother of pearl - Beeswax. - Shea butter. - Seaweeds. - Vegetable oil. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Food grade beef fat. - Vaseline codex P23 - Vitamins. - Food colouring and plant extracts.

    Comments : Allows to fit shoes each four weeks owing to rapid growth. 
    The ointment is particularly recommended in endurance eight weeks before the competition. Use the ointment until the end of the competition.
    A daily annual application is not at all necessary. If you require  the benefits of the ointment, but don't need rapid hoof growth, once weely application is sufficient. The hooves can be treated the other days with a regular ointment.
    This product replaces the product  "Endurance" previously produced by the brand.

    Big size packaging 1L, 3L, 6L available to order sales@horsify.be (delay +5 days)