Ungula Moisturiser black

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    Moisturising. Primarily for horses on shavings in their box. For dark colored hooves.

    Handcraft production, 100% natural.
    Packaging :480 ml.

    Name change in 2020 : "Special Copeaux" becomes "Hydratant"

    Application : It is destined for horses living in dry boxes, such as on shavings. It can also be used for horses with very dry feet as its principal effect is to moisturise. The ointment has an optimum application temperature between 8 and 23°C.

    Composition : The composition is the same as the classic produtcs. The difference comes from the essential oils and vegetable oils that are replaced by other oils that offer a better moistuirising effect. Its cleansing abilities are thus reduced.

    Comments : The product does not contain Norwegian tar. The black colour is obtained by a natural food colorant.

    Big size packaging in 1L, 3L or 6L available to order sales@horsify.be (delay + 5 days)