Ungula classic black ointment

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    Feeds, softens, strengthens and cleanses the horn and the fork. For dark colored hooves.

    Handcraft production, 100% natural.
    Packaging :480 ml.

    Application : The substance quickly penetrates the hoof.The ointment feeds, softens and strengthens the horn and the fork.It also cleanses significantly the fork, sole and coronet without drying them up. Thanks to its rich components, it leads toan important growth of the hoof. The classic ointment has an optimum application temperature between 8 and 23°C.

    Directions for use :Apply two to three times a week with a brush on a dry and clean surface. Insist on the fork, the horn, the sole and the coronet. - To prevent putrefied forks or brittle hooves, the operation can be repeated daily.

    Composition : Three essential oils. - Beeswax. - Vegetable oil. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Food grade beef fat. - Vaseline codex P23. - Vitamins - food colorant.

    Comments : It is has the same components as the brown classic ointment with a food colorant that gives a nice look to the hoof. This ointment can be used pretty much all year round.

    Big size packaging : 1L, 3L or 6L available to order sales@horsify.be (delay + 5 days)