Ungula Regenerating balm

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    To use in case of brittle horn, dry feet, cracked hoofs or repeated shodding.

    Handcraft production, 100% natural.
    Packaging : 280 ml.

    Application : Leads to a significant horn or frog growth with a regenerating effect. The new growing horn will be soft, flexible and solid preventing the hoof from becoming brittle. On the former horn, it will act to soften and fortify by nourishing it. Its daily application prevents hoof cracks. 

    Directions for use : Apply three to four times a week with a brush on a dry and clean surface. Insist on the frog, the horn and the coronet. - On the frog and the coronet: apply until complete recovery. 

    Composition : Five essential oils. - Two seaweeds. - More than 10% of Shea butter. - Beeswax. - Sweet almond oil. - Vegetable oil. - Food grade cod-liver oil, cold filtered. - Food grade beef fat. - Vaseline codex P23 - Vitamins. - Tree bark macerating technique. - Food colouring and feed flavours. 

    Comments: It is recommended to maintain the ointment in a temperature between 20° and 25° C in order to preserve each attributes of its components. Some seaweed and oil particles may appear in the ointment.