Natural Top Spirulina

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    To improve the vitality/recovery and support the muscle function of the horse

    Natural'Top is a natural source of spirulina, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes which improves vitality/recovery and supports the muscle function of the horse, in the form of pellets

    Natural'Top is an innovative, complete and unique formula derived from highly concentrated and bio-available components.

    This food supplement is particularly recommended

    – To support muscle growth; 
    – To prevent aches and promote recovery; 
    – In horses or ponies in poor shape; 
    – In sports or racing horses or ponies; 
    – In the event of a change of season; 
    – As a preventive treatment for all horses and ponies.

    Booster, Minerals, Vitamins, Electrolytes in one and only product!

    – Spirulina => Supply of highly bioavailable proteins, minerals, vitamins, trace elements; 
    – Lithothamne => Calcium and potassium intake; 
    – Electrolytes => Recovery aid; 
    – Organic selenium => Anti-oxidant action; 
    – Grape seed extracts (natural source of vitamin E) => General form support.

    Size : 1,2 Kg

    4,8 Kg to order