Natural Moov Joints

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    For flexible and comfortable joints, of natural origin. Non doping.


    Natural’Moov, developed by Natural’Innov, is a natural source of chondroprotectors (plant origin) and antioxidants which improve the locomotor comfort of the horse, in the form of granules.

    This food supplement is particularly recommended for:

    Horses or ponies with joint sensitivity or a predisposition to joint pathologies (tendinitis, sprain, arthritis);

    Horses or ponies subjected to intense efforts;

    Convalescing horses or ponies;

    Young growing horses or ponies;

    Horses or ponies with locomotor discomfort;

    As a preventive treatment for all horses and ponies.

    Vegetal glucosamine => Protection and flexibility of the cartilage (shock absorber);

    Vegetal chondroitin (2000mg/40g) => Regeneration/maintenance of articular surfaces and lubrication (production of synovial fluid);

    Turmeric + black pepper => Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory;

    Linseed oil (omega 3) => Analgesic properties;

    Horsetail/Bamboo => Reinforcement/solidity of joints and bones

    More info in the video in the link (in French).

    Size: 1,2 Kg

    4,8 Kg to order


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