Armour Tek Fly Rug LeMieux

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A super lightweight fly sheet ideal for protection in warm weather.

Innovative micro mesh which provides a second skin fit and a highly breathable barrier from fly's and bugs, helping regulate horses' temperature.

The extended shaped belly flap maximises coverage and features a three-strap closure with detachable central strap that helps to self-right the rug. The design registered angled front fastening system distributes pressure to prevent rubbing on the point of shoulder and across the chest


  • Super lightweight UV mesh
  • BAngled front buckle
  • Self-righting 3-way belly closure
  • Independent lower skirt

Colour : White
Sizes : 5’9’’ to 7'0" (130 to 165 cm)

LeMieux equivalent (see photos for size guide)

  • 140cm = 6’3’’
  • 145cm = 6’6’’
  • 155cm = 6’9’’
  • 165cm= 7'0"