Anti Rub Bib LeMieux

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Friction free bib to place under the rug.

Protection for back, shoulders, withers, to place under the rug. Friction free. To prevent skin wear and avoid wounds. Elasticated bamboo neck. Ultra lock velcro for fixing under the stomach. Merino Lambswool mane protection. Flexible four way tretch bamboo chest allow freedom of movement.

Machine wash at 40° (Do not tumble dry)
Sizes available
M: up to 147 cm withers (14.2 hands)
L: up to 157 cm (15.2 hands)
XL: up to 167 cm (16.2 hands)
XXL: up to 177 cm (17.2 hands)

Horsify's opinion:
You can rely on the size guide provided by LeMieux. If your horse is between sizes, the base of the neck should determine your choice. For a strong robust neck and large withers, the bigger size will be better suited. It doesn't really matter if the bib is too long because the velcro can be strapped tight under the stomach. Small sizes available to order